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A network monitoring service could save countless headaches and relieve stress as the service is constant, it’s always checking that things are running as they should be. A remote monitoring service works in exactly the same way; it is monitoring the network and will notify you and the service provider that there is or may be a potential problem. In some cases the problem could be resolved while you are working and blissfully unaware that things may not be performing as they should be.

If you counted up over a week or a month, the amount of time you have wasted because your network is dropping out, your PC freezes or your email is “hanging”, you might find yourself quite shocked at the money you have then wasted and also the time you have wasted having to re-do everything when what you should have been doing is moving onto the next piece of work!

Remote network monitoring will save you time and because of that essentially it will save you money too. It will be constantly working in the background to make sure that everything is running as it should be. That means that anything goes wrong then you will be notified and so will the service provider. If your back-ups are failing or anti-virus software is not updating then it is flagged immediately and corrected.

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