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Vezo Networks IT support, Essex
Vezo Networks provides IT services dedicated to supporting you whatever kind of assistance you are looking for – offering services to small businesses, educational facilities, multi-site enterprises and home users.

30 years specialist IT experience

We really know about IT and we benefit from over 30 years of specialist IT experience in the provision of IT support services which are cost conscious and customer focused.

IT Support Services

Vezo Support

The service is great for start-up businesses and businesses that have insufficient in-house resources to resolve the more complex issues and who want to know that low-cost IT Support is available whenever it’s needed.

Vezo Support +

The service is ideal for both the smaller business looking to free up management time to increase revenue and larger enterprises seeking to outsource specific skill sets over both the long and short term.

Vezo Pay as you Go

We can provide custom support solutions to suit your needs, which could be telephone and remote support or onsite only or any combination that suits your organisation.

Network Monitoring

Our remote monitoring service monitors your network and notifies you and the service provider if there is or may be a potential problem. Contact us for more information.

Document Management

Do you have filing cabinets loitering in the corners of your office? Bulging and buckling under the weight of the endless files? What if we could offer you an alternative?

Remote Backup

Our backup hardware is housed at a secure location and all data is encrypted to the same level as any major bank. Contact us today for more information.


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