Small businesses and individual departments everywhere are using Volume: an office-based solution, document management software that’s the answer to reducing processing times.

It’s official: the filing cabinet is DEAD

Well, not dead exactly but soon to become extinct. Why? Because more and more businesses are turning away from traditional methods of filing and storing documents, in favour of modern options, allowing them to streamline business processes and work more efficiently, feeling assured that all processes and controls are secure whist simultaneously adhering to best practice.

Join thousands of other businesses and organisations by taking advantage of a better way to file, retrieve, find, access, view and update documents. Namely, leading-edge document management, or Volume to be precise – a superb software alternative to conventional filing systems, and one that Vezo Networks can provide you with TODAY.

Save time, effort and money by switching to Volume

Free-up office space by saying goodbye (or should that be ‘good riddance’?) to aging, bulky filing cabinets. You know the ones: they’ve been bulging and buckling under the weight of an ever-growing number of files for years. The dividers, tabs and other organisational pieces will also be adding to their weight; and you probably don’t need reminding what a nightmare missing cabinet keys can be! That always seems to happen at the most inconvenient time, doesn’t it? It can also cause an issue between office managers and staff, and even full-scale rows amongst employees once a “Who lost the filing cabinet keys?” blame game kicks off.

Volume just makes everything so much easier

Avoid all of the aforementioned problems, and others, by letting Vezo Networks get you all set up with Volume immediately – benefit massively from a cost-effective, simple-to-use system that takes the work out of filing, retrieving, accessing, viewing and updating documents. In fact, you won’t have to do anything as space saving and fully regulatory compliant Volume takes care of it all for you:

  • Dividers, tabs, shred and copy options – all at the click of a button

  • With no more ‘filing cabinet digging’ to do, have any file instantly accessible to staff or clients

  • Track and audit documents by user, and keep a full audit trail as well as a record of amendments

  • Always know when and where paperwork, pages and documents were added into the system

  • As your data grows, your filed documents can grow with it, without the need for filing cabinet purchasing and vital office space being used

And, as if that wasn’t impressive enough, Volume also integrates with Microsoft Office and Outlook.

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