Is this you?

You’re a start-up business feeling stressed, or a business currently with insufficient in-house resources to resolve complex IT issues. OK. Whichever it is, don’t worry, help is at hand, thanks to the friendly Vezo Networks team of experienced professionals.

Over the years we’ve assisted countless clients, providing low-cost IT support to the highest standards. Something that sets us apart from some other IT support providers is that we treat all clients the same: however large or small, and whether they are well-established or only just finding their feet. From us you can expect steadfast support, but without us irritatingly trying to take over.

With VEZO SUPPORT you get so much for your money

VEZO SUPPORT is already popular with businesses, organisations, multi-site enterprises, and even some home users, because they know that exceptional, reliable IT support is there for them whenever they need it.

How can we help you?

Our VEZO SUPPORT service includes all this, and at a price we think you’ll find fair:

  • A fixed monthly fee. Based on the number of users supported and providing support for all of their IT devices used in conjunction with work. Our popular fixed monthly fee pricing structure means you keep in control of your IT costs.

  • Remote Assistance and phone-based support during the hours of 08:30 to 17:30. Using remote access software, we can connect remotely to PC’s and Servers quickly and efficiently, resolving problems without having to attend site.

  • Access to preferential onsite call-out and ‘out of hours’ hourly rates. Not all problems can be resolved remotely, so when we must attend your site you know it’s not going to cost the earth: £40 during normal office hours and £75 out of hours, compared with £60/£95 non-contract rate.

    Our VEZO SUPPORT package also includes our ‘work until its fixed’ guarantee for business-critical systems. If a server fails at 17:00, we won’t be stopping at 17:30. No way. We’ll continue working on the problem throughout the evening and even into the night if that’s what it takes, to get you up and running again for the next working day.

  • Fast response times. An engineer can be on site within eight working hours of a fault being diagnosed as unrepairable remotely.

  • Pro-active maintenance visits. A pre-arranged engineering-day will be allocated either bi-annually or quarterly for updating and servicing your systems, altering configurations and ensuring maximum performance.

  • Basic Network Monitoring. We will monitor your internet gateway and server uptime. Our basic monitoring will only alert us when the service fails.

And that’s not all

About the aforementioned discounted engineering rate: VEZO SUPPORT clients everywhere are already benefiting from a 20 PER CENT DISCOUNT on all engineer costs for new installation work and projects.

Don’t worry that Vezo Networks might completely take over

Vezo Networks acts as a single point of contact for all IT and related issues, dealing with third parties on behalf of our clients. We also ensure our clients maintain full access and ownership of their networks. We’re aware that too many companies have no admin access, as their IT support companies restrict them.

That’s simply not the Vezo Networks way and never has been.

Now it’s your turn.

Contact our support today to find out how we can help you.