For the very best in Cloud backup and storage, choose Vezo Cloud Backup, and NEVER LOSE AN IMPORTANT RECORD

Vezo Networks. WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK.

Seventy per cent of businesses hit by a major data loss fold within 18 months. Don’t make the same mistake: storing everything on site, being solely reliant upon your server computers for data storage. Back that information up remotely using Vezo Cloud Backup, and in doing so you’ll fully prevent any info loss disasters.

Cloud backup explained

Vezo Cloud Backup is a service in which the data and applications on a business’s servers are backed up and stored on a remote server. Because the information is backed up to the Cloud, data and files are readily available should an outage, system failure, or natural disaster suddenly occur.

Vezo Cloud Backup. It’s a good feeling

Make a smart investment in fast and secure Vezo Cloud Backup and relax safe in the knowledge that you always have an incremental second backed-up copy of your data. That way, if things somehow go wrong at your server end (data corruption, ransomware, data theft…), thanks to Vezo Networks, you’re definitely covered.

Protecting your business means protecting all of your devices, not ‘just’ your office PCs. Vezo Cloud Backup provides you with that total protection, and at a price we think you’ll find fair.

An affordable and proven way to guard against potential threats

Fast and secure Vezo Cloud Backup software ‘does what it says on the tin’ and comes highly recommended. For obvious reasons, data backup should be prioritised by any company, large or small. Leaving yourself vulnerable to threats has a funny way of inviting them. And don’t forget about business premises catastrophes caused by fire or flood. Look, just don’t risk it. Instead, make a smart choice by tasking Vezo Networks with implementing a trusted backup solution that other backup software aspires to be but never quite convincingly emulates, namely Vezo Cloud Backup.

Safeguarding your information, means safeguarding your future

Most businesses and organisations contemplating backup for their precious data tend to prioritise two things: speed and stability. Is that what you need? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Vezo Cloud Backup implemented by experienced Vezo Networks professionals means continual backup at the required pace, ensuring that nothing gets lost or compromised in any way.

Fast and stable backup of valuable data means getting a second copy of all your business records. Don’t think you need it? Plenty of companies have thought the same only to bitterly regret it once potential threats actually become real ones, and by then it’s too late, of course. Better to forestall data loss by covering yourself. It’s a wise move. And it could even be the difference between your business surviving (and thriving!) or collapsing.

Which of these outcomes would you rather have?

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