Wherever you are and whatever you do, Vezo Networks can provide your business with all of these options, with ongoing support being a given.

Leased lines / FTTC / Mobiles & Hosted Voice (VoIP)

Leased Lines

Avoid the inconvenience of traditional telephone services, where the same line is reused across countless conversations. Instead, let Vezo Networks provide you with a much better option; one that’s proven to help businesses of all kinds across a range of sectors: a leased line.

The key advantage of a leased line is that it’s always available and active. There’s no switching thanks to a single open circuit at all times. Immediately feel the benefits of having a single open circuit set up to cover both short and long distances. And all this for an affordable fixed monthly fee.

What’s more, through having a dedicated internet line, you can look forward to working faster and smarter. And, through not having to share your bandwidth with others, your latency will be low. Your fast leased line service from Vezo Networks can also handle the speedy sending and receiving of huge files.

FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet)

A type of fibre optic broadband, FTTC is a popular connectivity option for small to medium-sized businesses, and, indeed, big companies. Entrust Vezo Networks with your FTTC installation and management and look forward to fibre broadband delivered at accelerated speeds across short distances, through the clever blending of fibre optic and copper cabling.

The ‘fibre to cabinet’ bit? The Vezo Networks team will run fibre optical cables from a telephone exchange (or distribution point) to the cabinets on the streets within close proximity of your office, other type of business premises, or that of your client(s). The remaining connection to your building/office is run over the existing analogue copper lines, meaning boosted speeds over shorter distances.

Mobiles and hosted voice (VoIP)

An acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol, hassle-free and quick to set up VoIP facilitates the making and receiving of calls over the Internet, with calls to landlines and mobiles (multi-device access, in fact) being hosted on the Cloud.

When providing your business with a tailored VoIP solution, Vezo Networks engineers will first take steps to ensure that your Internet connection is high-speed. This will allow us to implement a VoIP solution that performs optimally and consistently.

Hosted VoIP is already being celebrated as the future of business phones – a complete phone service from a trusted VoIP provider over the internet.

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