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Do you have filing cabinets loitering in the corners of your office? Bulging and buckling under the weight of the endless files? What if we could offer you an alternative?

Vezo Networks can now offer you a fantastic alternative, removing the burden of digging through files to find that one piece of data. Filing, retrieving, finding, accessing, viewing and updating documents; Volume does it all for you.

✓ Just like a filing cabinet!

This software gives you the ability to organise like a normal filing cabinet – without the space, or someone losing the keys! You can have dividers, tabs, shred and copy options – all at the click of a button!

✓ Tracked and Auditable!

Many industries now operate within a framework of compliance (data protection, industry legislation data storage) whilst having a requirement to make documents accessible to staff and, on occasions, to suppliers and customers. Volume tracks documents and audits by user which shows where paperwork, pages and documents were added into the system and when. It complies with regulations set out by the FCA and other governing bodies within this highly regulated sector.

✓ We grow as you grow!

As your business grows, your data grows and this flexible storage option allows for endless amounts of files and documents!

✓ Space Saving

No more bulky filing cabinets, or the cost of having to buy more as your business grows.

✓ Integration of Microsoft Office & Outlook

Volume integrates with Microsoft Office including Word and Excel. Documents are updated within the Volume software keeping a full audit trail and version history of all amendments. Volume also fully integrates with Outlook so email threads can be easily stored and retrieved. The system displays the latest email at the top of the ‘thread’, rather than keeping the emails separate. This makes keeping track of multiple and complex communications easier. Includes version control.

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