IT Support Specialists Essex

The service is ideal for both the smaller business looking to free up management time to increase revenue and larger enterprises seeking to outsource specific skill sets over both the long and short term.

The service includes the following:

  • A Fixed monthly fee. Based on the number of users supported and providing support for all of their IT devices used in conjunction with work. Our fixed monthly fee ensures you keep in control of your IT costs.
  • Unlimited remote support and phone based support during the hours of 08:30 to 17:30. Using remote access software we can connect remotely to PC’s and Servers quickly and efficiently and resolve problems without having to attend site.
  • Unlimited onsite support during working hours. Not all problems can be resolved remotely so when we do need to attend site you will not be charged an hourly rate, no matter how many times we need an engineer to attend site.
  • Preferential ‘out of hours’ rates. If you do need an engineer on site during ‘out of hours’ then you will benefit from a reduced rate of £55 per hour, compared with £95 non-contract, and £75 Vezo support rate.
  • A discounted engineering rate. Vezo Support clients benefit from a 40% discount on all engineer costs for new installation work and projects.
  • An engineer can be onsite with 4 working hours of a fault being diagnosed as un-repairable remotely.
  • Bi-Monthly maintenance visits. A pre-arranged man-day will be allocated bi-monthly to updating and servicing your systems, alter configurations and ensure maximum performance.
  • Advanced Active Server Monitoring. As well as monitoring your internet gateway and servers for uptime, we will also monitor key network services running on the server. Failure of these services can usually be resolved by us even before you’re aware the service as failed.

Both our Support and Support+ service includes our ‘work until its fixed’ guarantee for business critical systems which means if a server fails at 17:00, we will not stop at 17:30, we will continue working on the problem throughout the evening and night to get you up and running again for the next working day.

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